Ackermann & Fritze Ornate Brilliant Gold & Rose Berry Bowls Bindenschild Mark Set of 6 SOLD

Ackermann & Fritze Ornate Brilliant Gold & Rose Berry Bowls Bindenschild Mark Set of 6 SOLD
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We have a stunning set of six (6) ornate, brilliantly hand-painted and lavishly gilded antique porcelain berry / small bowls from the once-renowned firm of Ackermann & Fritze. Located in the Volkstedt Rudolstadt area of Bavaria, Ackermann & Fritze was founded in 1908 and was known for producing high-quality, luxury porcelain in the Royal Vienna, Meissen and Sevres styles. Measuring 5-3/8" in diameter, this set of gorgeous Ackermann & Fritze porcelain berry bowls - which are in excellent, near-mint condition - are are made from an elaborately designed mold with beading that traces an ornate sequence of lines, stems and petals. The interiors of these sumptuously embellished bowls are glazed a brilliant gold. The bottom of the bowls boast a lovely stencil design painted over with vibrantly hued rose leaves, rose hips, and the full blown roses of summer. The tops of the beading are consistently white from bowl to bowl, leading us to believe that this was part of the deliberate design, rather than an indication of wear. The white beading provides an element of dimension to these bowls, and thus prevents the bright gold from becoming overpowering. A medallion design and eight-pointed stars are etched into the two interior sides of the bowl which are free from beading, adding another elegant component. All of the details combine to create a stunning rococo effect! Based on the style, the thickness of the porcelain and the glazes used, we believe that these Ackermann & Fritze porcelain berry bowls were made some time before 1915. As you will note from our photographs of the backstamp, Ackermann & Fritze used a Bindenschild mark - (commonly referred to as a beehive mark, but in actuality is a shield) - which many people mistake for Royal Vienna. Please examine our photographs -- we think you will agree that these antique Ackermann & Fritze ornate gold and hand painted rose porcelain berry bowls will have a dramatic impact on any place setting!

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