Lenox "American Belleek" B10 Cobalt Dinner Plates - Set of 5 - SOLD

Lenox "American Belleek" B10 Cobalt Dinner Plates - Set of 5 - SOLD
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The Antiquarians are delighted to feature five matched dinner plates from an early Lenox pattern that is both rare and of surpassing beauty. This set, which dates from 1905 and is known only as B10 Cobalt, features an ivory body color, with a shoulder or rim color of deep cobalt that is flanked by gilded trim on both sides. The outer margins of the plates feature an intricate, gold-encrusted border with interspersed medallions, and the cobalt border contains golden swags and beaded flowers. As the photographs demonstrate, the overall effect of these plates is stunning.

Dear viewers, it should be remembered that the Lenox factory was among a number of upstate New York factories referred to as "American Belleek," due to the numerous Irish Belleek artisans who emigrated to the United States and brought their trade and talents to enrich American porcelain products. One can readily see the artistry and influence of the American Belleek artisans who worked for the Lenox porcelain factory. These five superb plates were from a lot produced for Frederick Keer's Sons, of Newark , New Jersey, which was a prominent Newark art gallery during the early years of the twentieth century. Written in very fine gold paint along the base of the dinner plates is the legend 'x 10 1/2 / B10' which references both the size of the plates and the pattern.

These dinner plates measure 10 1/2 inches in diameter, and the outer decorative border is nearly 1 3/4 inches wide. There is no damage to any of the plates, no missing or discolored gold, and few, if any, signs of use. Our photographs of the Lenox B10 Cobalt plates show the featured dinner plates alone, and paired with other vintage or antique items of porcelain and crystal. Specifically, we have paired the Lenox B10 Cobalt diner plates with a stunning set of cobalt and gold Jean Pouyat medallion salad plates. The Jean Pouyat plates are also featured for sale on our website, under a different listing. We hope that our viewers will find our table settings helpful in demonstrating how antique, vintage and even modern items can be merged to create an exceptional modern tabletop. In addition to the Jean Pouyat plates, many of the items shown on the table with our Lenox B10 Cobalt dinner plates are also for sale and are featured on this website.

Please note, this sale is for the five B10 Cobalt Lenox dinner plates only.

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