Vintage Elegant Glass Arts And Crafts Depression Era Red Etched Bowl - SOLD

Vintage Elegant Glass Arts And Crafts Depression Era Red Etched Bowl - SOLD
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Nothing invokes the holiday spirit like a large, beautiful, vintage elegant glass red bowl. And we have a doozy of a red etched vintage elegant glass Arts And Crafts style bowl for you! Dating from the early 20th century, our vintage elegant glass bowl measures 13-1/8" wide, stands only 2" high, and rests upon a 3-1/2" diameter foot. This large, shallow, vintage elegant glass, deep red bowl strikes one as being both lovely and a tad bit improbable. How can such a beautiful vintage red elegant glass bowl be both so shallow and so wide. But it is! However, the cherry on the cupcake is the etched, repeating tulip design on the rim of the bowl. It is William Morris and the Arts and Crafts movement packaged into a lovely, red piece of vintage elegant glass. Say no more? You'll take it? We knew you would!

BRIEF HISTORY: In the final decades of Great Britain's 20th Century, artist William Morris propounded a philosphy and a movement that fought back against mass industrialization and celebrated the hand-crafted. This took root in the United States as the Arts and Crafts movement, an American domestic style and lifestyle that affected architecture, interior design, landscape design, applied arts, and the decorative arts. As a comprehensive design and art movement, the Arts and Crafts style remained popular into the 1930s, and has since continued with numerous revivals and restoration projects in the areas of decorative arts and interior design into present times.