Superbly Intricate Vividly Colored Asian Floral Cloisonne' Vases - Set of 2 - SOLD

Superbly Intricate Vividly Colored Asian Floral Cloisonne' Vases - Set of 2 - SOLD
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Cloisonné is an ancient method of metalworking that often involves forms such as vases and other containers. The technique used in cloisonné can be compared to stained glass in that both techniques involve the creation of images by arranging colored panels separated by metal dividers. In the case of cloisonné, the colored sections are bounded by silver or gold wires called cloisons, which is French for "partitions." During the 18th and 19th centuries the Chinese, and later the Japanese, excelled at the art of cloisonné.

We are offering a pair of gorgeous matching Asian cloisonné vases in a floral design that would look stunning gracing a table or a mantel. We know next to nothing about Asian cloisonné, but were so taken with the vases that we bought them anyway. The vases were represented to us as being antique, but we are pricing them as if they are mid-century pieces. After much time spent researching Asian cloisonné, and then looking at a large number of designs, our "guess" (and that's exactly what it is!) is that these vases are probably Japanese in origin, manufactured sometime between 1920 and 1950. There is no backstamp on either of these vases, so it is likely that they were not made for the export market. But they could easily have found their way to the United States via an expat who returned home after some years in Asia. On the other hand, they could be Chinese in origin, and quite old, manufactured before it was required to mark the country of origin on goods designated for export. As you can now no doubt tell, we Antiquarians know just enough to be dangerous!

Please observe our photographs as they are the best descriptions we can provide of the superb cloisonné technique used on these vases. There are very intricate borders at the top and base of each vase, and literally hundreds of small flowers arrayed on the body of the vases. The brass cloisons are intricately arranged in a way that differentiates the colors on the many petals and the designs on the borders. All in all, a truly marvelous pair of vases and generously sized as well, standing a full 9" in height, with a 3" diameter base that sits under a 3-1/2" diameter flared cuff. Please note that any white spots you see in the photographs are light reflections and not actually flaws on the surface of the vases.

As previously stated, these vases are priced appropriately, given that we cannot state with any degree of certainty where they are from or how old they are.

This is definitely your chance to grab a bargain!