Vintage Porcelain Castleton China Rosenthal Laurel Ivory & Gold Beaded Bread Plates-Set of 10

Vintage Porcelain Castleton China Rosenthal Laurel Ivory & Gold Beaded Bread Plates-Set of 10
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We have 10 exquisite bread plates, decorated with a gold laurel pattern at the verge and with gold beading at the rim. These dishes were produced by Castleton China, based on a Rosenthal, Germany mold and pattern. These plates are in excellent vintage condition. The gilt beading at the border is fresh and bright, as is the gilt laurel pattern at the verge, and there are very few utensil marks to be found. This set of 10 has no chips, cracks, discoloration or other condition issues that would detract from its beauty and utility. As our readers know, we love to mix and match different antique and vintage plates to create a new and eclectic arrangement. Personally, we love these plates with the Syracuse Jefferson dinner plates! Please view this combination in our TableScapes section.

BRIEF HISTORY: The origins of Castleton China began in 1901 with a purchase of two businessses - the New Castle Shovel Works Factory in New Castle, Pennsylvania, and Shenango Pottery. Both operations experienced significant financial difficulties over the decades that ensued, and reorganized a number of times in an attempt to improve its situation. A 1909 reorganization resulted in both companies being joined under the name, "Shenango Pottery Company". Shenango struggled through the Depression and Post-Depression years until its fortunes changed in 1936. In that year, Haviland China of Limoges, France, seeking escape from the escalating duties charged for the export of its wares to the United States, and from the likely invasion of France by Hitler and the Nazi forces, negotiated an arrangement whereby Shenango Pottery would produce Haviland products. From 1936 until 1958, Shenango produced an immensely popular line of Haviland products marked, “Haviland – Made in America". Rosenthal China of Germany, also fearing that an impending German war would stall production, contacted Shenango and negotiated a similar arrangement. Thus, the pieces, molds, formulas, shapes, and patterns of Rosenthal were marketed between 1940 and 1968 under the "Castleton China" name. In 1951, Shenango purchased all of the U.S. holdings of the Rosenthal Company and continued producing Castleton tableware products until its operations ceased in 1974.

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