Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band Glass Punch Bowl Set - 14 Piece SOLD

Dorothy Thorpe Silver Band Glass Punch Bowl Set - 14 Piece SOLD
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Dorothy C. Thorpe was a world-renowned American designer and artist who worked with a variety of media, including glassware, from the 1930's to the 1950's. As Dorothy Thorpe was a designer and not a glass manufacturer, she purchased glass produced by companies such as Heisey and Tiffin. She decorated this glassware with her own unique designs which featured heavy etching, sand blasting and silver overlays. Although Dorothy Thorpe is famous for her glassware, she also designed dinnerware, silverware and linens. She also won many awards and was listed in Who’s Who in American Art. Her customers included Hollywood studios, movie stars, Princess Grace of Monaco and the Shah of Iran. She created glass decorations and lamps for the Mormon Temple at Idaho Falls, windows for St. John’s Academy at Camarillo and pieces for several museums. Upon her husband's death in 1953, she sold her interest in the Dorothy C. Thorpe Company.

Decorated in the refined Silver Band design, our Mid Century punch bowl set features glass with soft, rounded curves. Often described as roly-poly, the classically elegant Silver Band design was rediscovered by a new generation of collectors after the glassware was used by Don Draper from the popular television series Mad Men. The heavy glass of this retro punch bowl set is well made and embellished with a gleaming band of silver. The 14 piece set includes:

1 glass punch bowl with a silver band at the rim, measuring 10-3/4" in diameter at the rim, and 7" tall.

12 glass punch bowl cups with a silver band at their rims, each measuring 2-1/2" in diameter at the rim, and 2-1/4" tall.

1 silver tone Ladle, marked USA.

This set is in wonderful vintage condition, with hardly any wear considering its age. There are no chips, nicks, scratches or cracks on any of the glass. There are a few tiny scratches in the silver band on the punch bowl, and no loss that could be found on any of the punch cups. There is an 1/8" by 1/4" gold colored spot on the back of the ladle.

Bring this set home and entertain like a movie star!