Fondeville New York Cobalt and Gold Laurelton Ware Dinner Plates - SOLD

Fondeville New York Cobalt  and Gold Laurelton Ware Dinner Plates - SOLD
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We have a stately set of six matching dinner plates, 10-1/2" in diameter, with an elaborate marine blue and gold pattern set against an ivory background. This set was produced in the late 1920's to early 1930's by Fondeville of New York -- perhaps you've never heard of this porcelain manufacturer? Neither had we until we set our eyes on these elegant plates! Despite spending a number of hours researching this manufacturer, its history remains elusive. We did find a number of other patterns in the Laurelton Ware line, but they bear no resemblance to the elegant plates in our possession: the Laurelton Ware patterns we found were brightly hued, floral and very modern-looking. Based on our research, we suspect (but can't be sure) that the Fondeville, New York factory had some nexus with the Fondeville, England pottery and porcelain works. In fact, we found references in archived turn of the (20th) century publications to a number of visits that were made by A.J. Fondeville -- the founder of the Fondeville, England pottery works -- to New York state for business purposes. Additionally, we discovered that our featured plates are very consistent with certain patterns produced contemporaneously by Fondeville, England for its Ambassador and Embassy Ware lines. The one undisputable fact we have is that Fondeville, New York no longer exists, and very likely closed down sometime during the 1930's.

But enough historical speculation and guesswork! Dear viewers, please turn your attention, instead, to these elegant and stately dinner plates. This service for six is fit for a king - or for you! The outer border, which is a full 2 inches wide, begins with a gilded and etched border abutted by thin blue margins that alternate with additional gold scrollwork and etched gilding. The center of the plate is a very light cream. These plates have no chips, cracks or other flaws -- most of them look as if they were never used. They are in truly remarkable condition given their likely age. More important, these plates are of extremely high quality, and easily withstand comparison with the contemporaneous wares of well-known manufacturers such as Lenox, Royal Doulton and Limoges. Our photographs show the cobalt and gold Fondeville plates alone, and also paired with some gorgeous Royal Doulton bread plates, as well as with other vintage or antique tabletop items. We hope that our viewers will find our table settings helpful in demonstrating how antique, vintage and even modern items can be merged to create an exceptional modern tabletop. Of course, many of the items shown with our Fondeville dinner plates are also for sale and are featured on this website.

Please note, this sale is for the six Fondeville blue, gold and cream dinner plates only.

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