Vintage Glassware By Jeannette Crystal Fruit Design 26 PC Punch Bowl Set #2417-26 SOLD

Vintage Glassware By Jeannette Crystal Fruit Design 26 PC Punch Bowl Set #2417-26 SOLD
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

We have another fantastic punch bowl set by Jeannette Glass Co. produced in the pressed glass Crystal Fruit Design #2417-26. This fun pattern features large pears, grapes and apples with leaves repeated around the diameter of the clear glass bowl. The top of the bowl is flared. As it tapers towards the bottom for a built-in pedestal look, the glass is fluted. The rim has a nice lip to securely hold the cup hooks in place.

This punch bowl set is a must for summertime fun!

The large, 4lb 6.2 ounce, 8-1/2 quart punch bowl measures 9-3/4" in diameter at the rim, is 7-3/4" tall, with a pedestal base 6-1/2" in diameter. The set includes 12 matching 4 ounce punch cups. Please note that one of the cups has a stress line in the handle, which is visible, but cannot be felt. It does not compromise this cups's functionality. They measure 2-7/8" in diameter at the rim of the bowl, and are 2-1/4" tall.

This set also includes the ladle, and 12 punch cup hooks.

Save for the imperfection on the handle of one punch cup, this set is in excellent vintage condition.

We are also including the original box which came with this set for provenance. Unfortunately, the box is quite soiled, so we are shipping it with the set, sealed inside a plastic pouch.