Goebel Porcelain Bride and Groom Figurines - SOLD

Goebel Porcelain Bride and Groom Figurines - SOLD
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We have a lovely pair of porcelain figurines in the garb of a bride and groom from 1925. The figure of the Groom is about 8 1/2 inches tall, marked "Goebel W. Germany", and "Waiting For His Love 1925" on the left foot and "16 288" on the right foot. The figure of the Bride is about 8 1/4inches tall, marked "Goebel W. Germany" and " Her Treasured Day 1925" and "16 289 21". This couple is most charming! The groom is dressed very traditionally, in striped pants, a morning coat, top hat and spats, while the fetching bride is dressed as a flapper, in a short, revealing dress with a dropped waist and a short, saucy veil. These figurines were designed by Goebel artist G. Bochmann, and are from Goebel's 'Fashions on Parade' Collection, which premiered in 1980 and ceased production in 1988.

According to our research, it appears that Goebel introduced the Fashions on Parade collection at a time when its products were in a slump. In an attempt to compete with the popular Royal Doulton figurines, Goebel produced high quality figurines of approximately 8" in height, similar to those being produced by Royal Doulton. The initial issue price for the figurines in the Fashions on Parade series was $33.00, which, at that time, was a significant amount for a procelain figure. As a result, these figurines did not sell in high numbers, and some in the series have become rather difficult to find. Although these two charming figurines are less than 30 years old, we are offering them for sale because we are certain that their value as collectibles will hold, and will increase over time.