Hermann Ohme Porcelain Toothpick Holder - SOLD

Hermann Ohme Porcelain Toothpick Holder - SOLD
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

We have a beautiful bit of a toothpick holder that is only 2 inches in height, with a base that is 1-3/8 inches in diameter. Produced by the Hermann Ohme factory with a hallmark that dates production between 1895 - 1910, this lovely antique piece has a background of soft blue at the base and the rim, and a dappled light green around the midsection. Posies of forget-me-nots are painted around the circumference of the toothpick holder, and gilded lines mark both sides of the rim, the top of the base section, and connect the posies as they ring around this lovely bit of porcelain.

There are no visible chips, hairlines or cracks or areas of significant paint or gold loss on this item, but there is one tiny flea bite on the bottom of the base that is not visible when the piece is set properly on a surface -- in fact, we have provided a photgraph of the bottom of the toothpick holder, and we can't see it in the photograph! In addition, there is an area on the rim that leads us to believe that a repair was made, possibly prior to the point in time when the greenware would have been fired for the first time. It looks to us as if a bit of the rim broke off, was pressed back into place with fresh clay and water, and then fired. We have tried to show this imperfection in our photographs, but it is hard to do with such a small piece, and with such light colors. We might be wrong about the timing of the repair, but no matter when it occurred, it doesn't mar the sweet delicacy of this piece which, at a minimum, is at least 102 years old!