Vintage Indiana Glass King's Crown Thumbprint Gold Flash Compote- SOLD

Vintage Indiana Glass King's Crown Thumbprint Gold Flash Compote- SOLD
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In near perfect vintage condition, this large Indiana Glass King Crown Thumbprint pattern gold flash compote will beautifully enhance your entryway or dining room table. With a heavy clear pressed glass bowl, stem and base, the 1-1/4" rim is finished with gleaming 22K gold. When surrounded by light, the clear glass of the compote reflects the golden hue of its wide rim. The compote measures approximately 7-3/8" in diameter and 7" high, weighing 3.9 oz. This particular piece was made from the late 1960's to the mid-1970's. There is no loss to the gold paint, nor any chips, cracks or breaks.

The Indiana Glass Company was formed in 1907, and became well known for their industrial pressed glass, eventually cornering the market in auto head glass. They later branched out, introducing colored glass in 1920, and producing popular hand and machine made glassware, in addition to many Depression Glass patterns which are highly collectible today. Indiana Glass merged with the Lancaster Lens Company in 1955, and in 1962 became part of the Lancaster Colony Corporation.

The King's Crown pattern - also known as Thumbprint - was originally made by U.S. Glass Company (Tiffin), which formed in 1891, when 18 plus glass companies combined. Two plants were subsequently built, an automatic facility in Gas City, Indiana, and a hand operation at Tiffin, Ohio. The Tiffin plant produced quality glassware, and was known for their use of color and delicate etchings.

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