Indiana Glass Lancaster Colony Harvest Milk Glass Snack Sets #C787 - SOLD

Indiana Glass Lancaster Colony Harvest Milk Glass Snack Sets #C787 - SOLD
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We are pleased to be able to offer this large collection of 20 sets of vintage, pristine condition milk glass snack plates complete with footed pedestal cups in the Colony Harvest pattern. The Harvest molds feature large bunches of grapes and ivy on hand made - and sometimes imperfect - glass which was produced in the 1950's and 1960's by the Indiana Glass Company for the Lancaster Colony Corporation. Harvest Colony is a trademark of the Lancaster Colony Corporation. These luncheon / snack sets were sold in boxed 8 piece sets - Model #C787 - which include 4 luncheon plates and 4 matching cups. Quite popular for wedding gifts, these hostess sets were mostly purchased with S&H Green Stamps.

All 20 luncheon plates and 20 footed pedestal cups came from an estate in their original boxes and appear to have never been used! We have opened all of the boxes and inspected each piece of glass. Save for some water spots from washing, all of the plates and cups are in perfect, like-new condition. The cups have crisp, sharp mold lines and the plates have absolutely no knife marks or scratches. The bottoms of some of the plates have a rough mold on the cup impression, which was common in the production of these pieces.

The luncheon plates measure 10" by 8". The footed pedestal cups measure 4-1/2" from the edge of the handle to the opposite edge of the bowl's rim. The diameter of the bowl measures 3-1/2", while the cup stands 3" high.

These Harvest Colony snack sets are perfect for the the modern hostess who loves to incorporate mid-century pieces when entertaining, as our 40 piece, snowy white milk glass blends easily with any decor.