Vintage Jeannette Glass Co. Marquis Pattern 26 Pc Punch Bowl Set #2615-26

Vintage Jeannette Glass Co. Marquis Pattern 26 Pc Punch Bowl Set #2615-26
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We love this vintage Jeannette Glass Marquis Pattern Punch Bowl set! The pressed glass pattern is simple - yet elegant - which makes this punch set versatile for any occasion. (My daughter and I love to find complete vintage punch sets and fill them with goodies for housewarming gifts and birthday presents for friends. Who says that punch bowls need to be filled with punch?)

Weighing a substantial 6 lbs, you will worry less about children - big and small - tipping the punch bowl over when grabbing their favorite snack or refreshment from it. The pattern on this 10 quart bowl has wedge cut panels transversing its diameter, which gives the effect of spear points across the top of the bowl, and delicate ovoids along the bottom. The base of the bowl has a star pattern in the center surrounded with soft petal shapes. The punch bowl rim is flared so that the punch cup hooks fasten securely to it. The bowl measures 9-7/8" in diameter at the rim and 8" tall.

The set comes with 12 punch cups with the same pattern as the bowl. They measure 3-1/2" in diameter at the rim of the bowl, and 2-1/2" tall. They each hold 5 ounces of your favorite liquid or treat. This set also includes the original ladle and 12 punch cup hooks. We are also including the original box which came with this set for provenance. The box has a shipping label to Arlan's Department Store in Aurora, Co. This was a nationwide discount chain very popluar in the 1960's, and was out of business by the mid-1970's. Unfortunately, the box is quite soiled, so we are shipping it with the set, sealed inside a plastic pouch.

This set is in excellent vintage condition!