Jean Pouyat Limoges Wanamaker's Vintage Porcelain Floral Gilded Side Salad Plates - Set of 8 SOLD

Jean Pouyat Limoges Wanamaker's Vintage Porcelain Floral Gilded Side Salad Plates - Set of 8 SOLD
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We are offering a lovely set of 8 side plates measuring 7-6/8" in diameter. Two of the backstamps on these plates establish that they were manufactured and decorated by the Jean Pouyat studios in Limoges, France, which operated from 1890 to 1932. We believe that the third mark on the backs of these plates -- a W within a wreath - was the mark used by the retailer, John Wanamaker of Philadelphia on all fine china that was ordered for sale within his stores.

Featuring floral transfers of delicate pink, lavender blue and green flowers along the rim, these plates feature heavily gilded rims and an embellished gold design just above the verge of the plates. These lovely dishes are glazed a bright white, and feature a charming rim that crests and dips, adding interest to the form. Please review our photographs and you will agree that these side / salad plates are lovely, and in excellent condition. There are no chips, cracks or discolorations, and the the heavy gold paint on the rims and verges is not worn! These plates may well have been sitting in a cupboard their entire lives!

BRIEF HISTORY: Born in Philadelphia in 1838, John Wanamaker pioneered the concept of the department store. In 1876, intending to open a central market like London's Royal Exchange or Paris' Les Halles, he converted an abandoned Pennsylvania Railroad depot into a multipurpose clothing and specialties store called Wanamaker's. This was the first department store In Philadelphia, and one of the very first in the United States. Catering to an upscale market, he promised all-wool clothing and quality goods with a money-back-guarantee. Wanamaker printed the first-ever, copyrighted store advertisement, which made promises about the quality of the store's items and its return policy. When people discovered that its promises were true, business boomed. The concept of truth in advertising earned him the public's trust, which he never lost.

At its zenith in the early 20th century, there were two major Wanamaker department stores, one in Philadelphia and one in New York City. A practicing Christian, Wanamaker chose not to advertise on Sundays, he guaranteed the quality of his merchandise in print, allowed his customers to return purchases for a cash refund and offered the first restaurant to be located inside a department store. Wanamaker also invented the price tag. Prior to Wanamaker's pricing policy, buyers generally haggled over the price of an item. Wanamaker believed that pricing should be offered equally, across the board.

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