Johann Haviland Bavaria Antique Porcelain Set of 6 Heavily Gilded Service Plates SALE PENDING

Johann Haviland Bavaria Antique Porcelain Set of 6 Heavily Gilded Service Plates SALE PENDING
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We have an exquisite set of six large antique porcelain, heavily gilded service plates produced by the Johann Haviland Company, Waldershof, Bavaria. These antique porcelain plates, which are 10-1/2" in diameter, have a center of pure white complimented by a very wide (1-3/4"), etched gold band that is offset by a thin line of gold at the verge. The effect is stunning! The green underglaze backstamp (JH under a stylized W) was used by the Johann Haviland Company from 1910 to 1924. Despite the fact that these porcelain dinner plates are very likely 100 years old, they are in pristine condition and may have never been used. Peruse our photographs to see the excellent condition of our antique porcelain service plates, as well as the brilliant artistry that went into their creation.

BRIEF HISTORY: Charles Haviland's son Jean legally changed his name to John and moved to Waldershof, Bavaria in 1907 to begin the Johann Haviland Company. He moved there because Bavaria was the only other region outside of France and China where the essential "kaolin" clay could be found to make the prized thin and translucent porcelain product. The Johann Haviland Company was comparatively short-lived, ceasing production in 1924. However, during the time that it operated, the Johann Haviland Company produced some very high quality porcelain for home use. We believe that the six service plates we are offering are an excellent example of Johann Haviland's high-quality product. The name rights to Johann Haviland were eventually purchased by an Italian Company (Ginori), and later by the Rosenthal Group.

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