Krautheim & Adelburg Bavaria Purple And Gold Antique Porcelain Dinner Plates Set of 7 SOLD

Krautheim & Adelburg Bavaria Purple And Gold Antique Porcelain Dinner Plates Set of 7 SOLD
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

Have a stately holiday! We are pleased to offer this eyecatching set of 7 purple and gold antique porcelain dinner plates manufactured by the Krautheim & Adelberg Porcelain Factory GMBH from Selb, Bavaria, the region which later became West Germany. These antique porcelain Krautheim & Adelberg dinnerplates are, in a word, stunning! Please examine our photographs closely as they are the best indicators of condition, but rest assured that these antique porcelain dinner plates are in excellent vintage/antique condition, considering that they are 90+ years old! Yes, you heard us - 90+ years old! Based on the backstamp on this set of antique porcelain dinner plates, we believe that they were manufactured by Krautheim & Adelberg Porcelain Factory GMBH in the early to mid-1920's.

Description & Condition: The broad purple outer borders with the delicate gold scrollwork on these Krautheim & Adelburg antique porcelain dinner plates are in perfect condition, with no worn spots that we could find. The photograph that we have provided of the exterior band is representative of the condition of all 7 of these antique porcelain dinner plates. The verges of these handsome antique porcelain dinner plates boast thick, etched gold paste borders with a large and elaborate gold medallion in the center field of white. The medallions in the centers of these antique porcelain dinner plates are in excellent condition, and show no rub spots or knife marks. Only the verges show very small areas of wear - the toll taken by the worst enemy of antique porcelain dinnerware: unprotected stacking. Peruse our photographs carefully -- they accurately demonstrate the condition of these gorgeous Krautheim & Adelburg antique porcelain plates. We have taken care to show areas of wear on the verges of some of theses antique porcelain dinner plates, and our pricing reflects this nominal condition issue. We have paired our plates with the lovely gold Renaissance flatware that we are offering on our website. We apologize that the lovely amethyst wine glasses shown in the picture are no longer available, as they were purchased by an inquiring customer before we were able to load our photographs onto the site.

Brief History: The Krautheim & Adelburg Porcelain Factory GMBH of Selb, Bavaria was founded in 1884, and enjoyed an enviable reputation as a producer of fine porcelain dinnerware and other porcelain items. The firm was eventually bought out by Franconia China in 1945. While it is possible to find odds and ends of Krautheim & Adelburg vintage and antique dinner sets on the open market, it is unusual to find sets containing six or more matching dinnerplates in very good to excellent condition.