Large Silver Tone Aluminum Alloy High Gloss Polished Chargers Set of 12- SOLD

Large Silver Tone Aluminum Alloy High Gloss Polished Chargers Set of 12- SOLD
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We are tickled to be offering this set of twelve (12) large, high gloss, polished, silver tone aluminum alloy chargers. Measuring a full 12-1/8" in diameter, these stunning chargers are rimmed with a flat outer band measuring 1-9/16" wide. They have a deeply recessed well that is 3/8" deep, a base that is 8-1/8" in diameter, and a side rim that is a full 1/8" thick. Please examine our photographs to see the dramatic contours of these superb chargers, and to note their excellent condition. These smoothly polished, silver tone chargers will handsomely complement virtually any type of china, ironstone, or pottery style. Contemporary, Danish Modern, Art Deco and American Craftsman styles will all look quite elegant when paired with these high gloss chargers.

Although these chargers have no tags or markings, we are confident that they are made from an aluminum alloy rather than pure aluminum. As you know, an alloy is simply a mixture of metals melted together to form a new metal that has different characteristics from the individual metals that were melted together. For instance, pewter is an alloy made of tin, bismuth, antimony, and sometimes copper or silver. Colonial pewter often contained lead to give a household item strength. Whatever you do, don't drink from or eat on Colonial Period pewter! We believe that our chargers are primarily aluminum because -- although they are quite large and heavy looking -- they are relatively light-weight. The fact that these chargers hold their bright finish so well, and have not experienced any surface marring over time is another compelling reason that we believe that these chargers are an aluminum alloy. Pure aluminum is a soft metal: it doesn't hold a high-polish finish, and it scratches and rusts very easily. For more information on aluminum and its different alloy compositions, please visit the following site: www.metalreference.com.

These magnificent Large Silver Tone Aluminum Alloy High Gloss Polished Chargers, Set of 12, are in excellent condition, bright and smooth with no rusting, cracks, deep scratches, dents or dings. The back side of each charger shows a human's touch. You can see where the metal was poured into a mold. And you can also see the areas where the charger's exterior was sanded so that it would not scratch any surface.

So dust off your formal dining room and use these beautiful chargers to update your tablescape. Your family and friends will be impressed!

We meticulously prepare all of our items for shipment. This gorgeous Set of 12 Large Silver Tone Aluminum Alloy High Gloss Polished Chargers will cost $15.00 to ship within the 48 contiguous United States. For international shipments, please email us with your address at myantiquarians@myelegantantiques.com so that we can calculate your shipping costs.