Lenox 1917 Vintage Porcelain Asian-Inspired Turquoise Grey P76C Custom Order Service Plates Set of 10

Lenox 1917 Vintage Porcelain Asian-Inspired Turquoise Grey P76C Custom Order Service Plates Set of 10
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

Fresh from an estate sale, the Antiquarians are offering an extremely rare and lovely set of 10 dinner plates that were produced by Lenox in 1917, probably as a custom order. These plates feature a very broad band of blue - which Lenox described as 'turquoise grey' - that extends from the outer rim past the verge of the plate. A band of gilding can be found on the outer rim of the plate and bordering the interior edge of the turquoise grey rim. The interior of the plate is the lovely Lenox ivory, and it showcases a serene Asian-themed floral still life with flowering branches, urn and teapot. Touches of enamel are used in this still life to create a charming multi-dimensional effect. This set is exceptionally lovely, and it is in exceptionally good shape! As you can see from our photographs, the gilding on the exterior rims of the plates is fully intact, as is the gilding around the inner verges. The floral arrangement painted on each and every plate is in excellent shape, with no knife marks or scratches marring the paint, and no deterioriation to the enamel. The turquoise grey rims occasionally show very small areas where the glaze separated during firing, or where stacking abraded the color. However, these minor marks are not imediately apparent upon viewing the plates.

Our research indicates that these plates were produced in 1917, making them 95 years old. Each plate bears the green Lenox backstamp, which is consistent with the 1917 production date. It does not appear that these plates were produced by Lenox before or after 1917, and there is only a hand-written number code on the backs of the plates, with nothing to indicate that this particular pattern had a name. These are all strong indicators that these plates were probably a custom order for a client of exclusive retailer Tice & Gates, in Rochester, New York. Experienced Lenox collectors know that the firm, in its early years, was known to produce one-of-a-kind items and sets as custom orders, without keeping a clear record or even giving the item a name.

These plates, which are 10-1/2" in diameter, would take center stage in any curio cabinet. For those of you who prefer to have your formal dining room set at all times, these plates would make a very handsome tableau. However, we would urge you to spare these magnificent plates from the damage caused by the fork and knife! They have survived for a very long time without damage, and we hope to entrust them to someone who will appreciate them for their historic and artistic value. So please, linger over our pictures, but rest assured that the most satisfying sensation is to physically run your fingers over the top of one of these plates!

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