Lenox For Ovington's Custom Gilded Age Design Vintage Porcelain Dinner Plates Set Of 12 - SOLD

Lenox For Ovington's Custom Gilded Age Design Vintage Porcelain Dinner Plates Set Of 12 - SOLD
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The Antiquarians are very excited about this set of 12 large, lovely and old Lenox dinner plates, which we believe were a custom order in the early years of the 20th century. In addition to production of its stock patterns, the Lenox factory during the early 20th century would also design and produce custom-ordered dinnerware. These custom patterns were produced so rarely that they were never given a name. Hundreds of unnamed patterns were produced through the years, and many were created using the costliest decorating processes, including colored backgrounds, raised gold pastework, wide etched gold borders, and delicate hand painting. This is one of those sets!

Our beautiful, translucent 10-1/2" diameter plates have an elaborate border of dusty blue chevrons, balusters and scrollwork set against a yellow background. The spaces between the balusters have a striped tan and cream background, and are adorned with alternating arrangements of fruits and flowers. These arrangements are brought into bold relief by the generous application of raised enamel work, creating a colorful jeweled effect. There is gold applied to the outer edge of the plates, as well as to the verge. At the center of the entire design is a large gold medallion measuring 5-1/2" in diameter. With their elaborate design and jeweled enamel work, these plates are a reflection of Gilded Age art and sensibilities. Ironically, these plates were made by Lenox for Ovington's, which was New York's Gilded Age purveyor of luxury goods for the wealthy.

The code on the back of the plates, 'J451,' tells us that this set was produced in 1934, approximately 78 years ago! There may not be another set of 12 plates just like ours, and if there is, it won't be in the pristine condition that ours is. Our plates are nearly perfect -- no dings, nicks, cracks, stains or crackling. Only a few of the plates show light utensil marks against the medallions when the plates are held up to the light. In every other respect, these plates look new!

Please take your time examining our photographs. We are sure that you will be impressed with the beauty and condition of these rare plates. Whether you are a Lenox collector, or simply want to acquire a breathtaking set of dinnerware, these plates are sure to please!

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