Lladro' Spain New Horizons 6570 Retired Porcelain Figurine Inspiration Millennium Collection - SOLD

Lladro' Spain New Horizons 6570 Retired Porcelain Figurine Inspiration Millennium Collection - SOLD
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Feast your eyes upon our beautiful, glorious girl, a porcelain figurine created by the renowned Spanish maufacturer Lladro'. From the Inspiration Millennium Collection, number 6570G, this masterful Lladro' porcelain figurine was designed by the sculptor Virgina Gonzalez. Named "New Horizons", this Lladro' porcelain figurine measures 14-1/2" tall and 9" wide. Frankly, the Antiquarians do not believe that a name like "New Horizons" does justice to such a lovely porcelain figurine, so we tend to refer to her in other terms, such as 'goddess' and 'beauty', both of which are so much more appropriate for this rare and lyrical creature! We are, nonetheless, proud to offer this rarely seen and highly desirable Lladró porcelain figurine. Produced for a limited period, this Lladro' porcelain figurine was issued in 1999 and retired in 2000.

Lladro' is a yeoman-like producer of fine porcelain figurines which are both sturdy in their construction and recognizable in their style. However, this particular porcelain figurine transcends Lladró's typical production values; examine her closely, dear viewers, for our beauty is a work of sculptural art in porcelain! Gaze upon the effortless flow of her garments and the inimicable grace of her movement, which has been captured and frozen for eternity. Best of all, our beautiful Lladro' porcelain figurine is perfect! Every delicate finger, toe, strand of hair, bird, flower, and weave of her garments are intact and without flaws. Our gorgeous Lladro' porcelain figurine has no box, and she is looking for safe shelter in a home -- perhaps yours? Rest assured that she will be shipped with all due care so that she arrives at your doorstep in the pristine condition that she currently enjoys.