Marx & Gutherz Antique Austrian Porcelain Ice Cream Set - Service for 12

Marx & Gutherz Antique Austrian Porcelain Ice Cream Set - Service for 12
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While trolling for Occupied Japan figures in a dusty little shop, we came upon that most rare of finds: a complete antique ice cream set for 12, and by a fine porcelain manufacturer, no less! We have a lovely elongated porcelain ice cream serving bowl with 12 individual bowls to match. The lovely set was produced by the firm of Marx & Gutherz, of Carlsbad, Austria. Maximilian Marx and Oscar Gutherz established a porcelain painting studio in 1884 and eventually expanded to porcelain production. This ice cream set consists of a serving platter which is 15-3/4" long and 9" wide at its broadest point, and 12 individual bowls 5-1/2" in diameter. The platter is in an elongated scalloped shape and is decorated with both transfers and handpainted leaves, with branches and flowers in golds, yellows, pinks, taupes and blues. The effect is truly lovely! The same pattern is reflected to a less elaborate extent in the 12 scalloped bowls. The serving platter and the bowls are all rimmed with an elegant, thin gold band.

This set is in excellent condition, with very little crazing. Only one shallow bowl has a tiny rough spot on its rim that is more easily felt than seen. This lovely antique dessert set is highly functional--bring it home and enjoy it!!

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