Royal Doulton E4123 Gilded Luncheon Plates, Robert Allen Design SOLD

Royal Doulton E4123 Gilded Luncheon Plates, Robert Allen Design SOLD
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We are delighted to show you this rare and splendid set of eight luncheon plates, decorated by artist Robert Allen. Set against a background of snow white porcelain, this luncheon set is a fine example of the elegant work produced by Royal Doulton in the early years of the 20th century. Measuring 8-1/4" in diameter, this luncheon set features a crenellated and embossed gilded rim which gives way to a beautiful gold filigree design. The embossed gilded design from the rim is repeated at the inner verge of the plate. Amidst this gilded oppulence, an Art Deco theme is inserted, as seen in the elegant and stylized gold line interspersed with cobalt and sage green rectangles. These elegant plates would be stunning on their own to serve luncheon, sandwiches, or even dessert. However, our final two photographs below demonstrate how well these lovely plates blend with other vintage and antique plates for a more formalized place setting!

This fabulous set is more than 100 years old. It is backstamped with the lion and crown badge in red, the mark that was used by Royal Doulton between 1907 - 1920 (see our photograph). We are further able to pin down the year of production by means of the hand-written mark 'Ra 6394', which definitively dates the manufacture of this set to the year 1907. The 'Ra' stands for Robert Allen, which means the plates were designed and decorated by Robert Allen and artists, a studio that produced exclusive, limited quantity and in some cases one-of-a-kind, hand-painted wares for Royal Doulton. An additional mark on the back of this magnificent set reads, 'Brock & Fegans', which refers to a high-end Los Angeles, California jewelry store that also sold fine china and porcelain wares. Brock & Fegans, which was located on Broadway Street in Los Angeles, opened in 1881, but the partnership disbanded in 1903. Retaining the original business name, Fegan went on to open a new store in the Alexandria Hotel in Los Angeles, which continued in business until 1910. The Antiquarians like to think that this set was purchased from Fegans by a movie star sometime between 1907 and 1910 when the store finally closed. Who knows, maybe it was John Barrymore, or Lillian Gish!

Whichever luminary purchased this set did not put many knife marks on these 8 plates! This antique luncheon set is in excellent condition and looks as if it was rarely, if ever, used. Although this pattern is listed on a number of the replacement websites, there are no pieces available. The set is not only very old, it is also rare. Please peruse our photographs, for we think that you will agree with us that these plates are very, very special!

Please note that although we have paired these beautiful Royal Doulton luncheon plates with the gorgeous SNB Shofu Nagoya Antique 24K Hand Gilded Dessert Side Plates With Nippon Cherry Mark (please see the final two images below) to show how easily and elegantly these dishes can be mixed and matched, the sale is for the eight Royal Doulton E4123 luncheon plates only.

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