Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dishes 33 Piece Service for 12

Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dishes 33 Piece Service for 12
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

This gorgeous Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dish Set Service For 12 features a lavish and festive design. All 33 Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Poinsettia Dishes are decorated in a Christmas Holiday palette featuring hand painted red poinsettias which are set against a background of various green hues. In addition to being richly colored, these Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dishes are also handsomely and generously embellished with gold. The bottoms of each of these Vintage Porcelain Lefton Poinsettia Pattern pieces are numbered, and are marked 'Lefton China Hand Painted Reg. U.S. Pat. Off Limited Edition'. Although half a century old, this Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dishes Set Service For 12 is in new condition. Most of the dishes and serving pieces in this Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Poinsettia Pattern Set still possess the red and gold sticker inscribed 'Lefton Trade Mark Exclusives Japan'!

This Vintage Porcelain Lefton China Poinsettia Pattern 33 Piece Set Service For 12 includes the following pieces:

One Coffee Pot With Lid (counts as 2 pieces),

Once Water Pitcher,

One Sugar And Creamer Set With Lid (counts as 3 pieces),

One Salt And Pepper Shaker Set (with fully intact stoppers),

One Leaf Shaped Candy Lemon Dish,

Twelve Snack Plates, and

Twelve Cups.

It is rare to find so many matching orirginal, unused, vintage porcelain pieces from a limited production set like these Lefton Poinsettia Pattern dishes - with enough cups and plates to be a service for 12 to be exact. And even more rare to find them in near mint condition! These beautiful Vintage Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dishes appear to have never been used, and have absolutely no blemishes, cracks, chips or scratches.

We have provided 35 pictures of this impressive Vintage Lefton China Limited Edition Poinsettia Holiday Dish Set. Make these wonderful Vintage Lefton Poinsettia Pattern dishes a beautiful addition to your next holiday table!

HISTORY: Lefton China's history is a saga that spans World Wars, nations, prejudices and reconstructions. George Zolton Lefton was born and lived in Hungary during the years after WWI, including the time when Hungary allied with Nazi Germany and ultimately assisted in the invasion of Yugoslavia and the invasion of the Soviet Union in the early years of World War II. During this time Lefton lived in Hungary and made his living in sportswear, but he had a passion for fine porcelain. In 1939 Lefton left Hungary for a better life, emigrating to the United States and settling in Chicago, Illinois. By 1941, Lefton had made a decision to focus solely on porcelain, and he opened Lefton China.

On December 7, 1941 the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the first time that the United States had been attacked by a foreign country in more than 100 years. Many Chicago residents responded to this event by attacking citizens of Japanese descent and their businesses. As it happened, Lefton had a Japanese friend and business neighbor whose windows were unprotected. Lefton boarded up the windows of the commercial establishment, saving the man's business from destruction. His friend repayed this act of bravery and friendship by helping Lefton by acting as Lefton China's business agent in post-World War II Japan. As with all ceramics and pottery that were made during the occupation years, Lefton China was marked with "Occupied Japan" variations until the Allies left Japan in 1952. While the products produced by Lefton China during this period cannot be compared to fine china produced in Europe and China, the quality was still very good and continually improved. Lefton China pieces were priced at a level that was quite affordable for many Americans living in the postwar economic boom.

George Zoltan Lefton died in 1996 in Florida. His company was sold in 2001.

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