24 Karat Gold Encrusted With Platinum Medallion Arzberg Bavaria Porcelain Serving Set 5 Piece SOLD

24 Karat Gold Encrusted With Platinum Medallion Arzberg Bavaria Porcelain Serving Set 5 Piece SOLD
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

DESCRIPTION: We are pleased to offer a lovely Arzberg Bavaria porcelain serving set which includes a large decagon (10 sided) shaped serving platter and four smaller matching plates. The 4 smallest sides on every plate have been fluted to provide textural interest to their forms. All five pieces of this porcelain set are beautifully decorated in 24 karat acid-etched gold, with a platinum etched center featuring a courting couple. Based upon the backstamp which was used from 1927 to 1981, we believe that the set is Art Deco in origin, dating from the 1920’s. The serving plate measures slightly over 10” in diameter, and the smaller plates are approximately 7-1/8” in diameter – measurement becomes a bit challenging when one is dealing with 10 sides! This lovely art deco set is in excellent condition, with no scratches, chips or cracks, and no areas where the gold has worn away. As our photos demonstrate, this gold set still shines as brightly as it first did nearly 70 years ago, and the courting couples are etched as sharply as ever. Use it as a cake plate, or to serve cookies, cupcakes, sandwiches, and appetizers. When not glamming up your table, let this set take center stage in your display cabinet. This Arzberg gold etched serving set would be a memorable gift for that hard to please porcelain lover, or the “all that glitters” aficionado in your life and will be treasured for many years to come!

HISTORY: Arzberg is the trademark of a German manufacturer of porcelain, founded in 1887 in Arzberg, Bavaria, by Christian Heinrich Schumann. Early in the 20th century, the Schumann Arzberg factory found an excellent market in the United States for its products. They even had an early license to produce Mickey Mouse products. The entirety of the German based stock was destroyed when the Third Reich came to power, and their early Disney memorabilia items are very rare and highly sought after. In the 1930’s the Arzberg factory’s reputation gained heightened recognition due to its designs by Hermann Gretsch, whose Form 1382 – based on Bauhaus principles – marked a milestone in modern ceramic design. Form 1382 is still produced today and sold worldwide under the Arzberg name.

The Schumann Arzberg factory rebuilt its operations after WW II, and continued producing products until 1994, when the Schumann family and investors filed bankruptcy and closed the factory doors. However, the Arzberg name and production continue today, albeit under different ownership, and Form 1382 is still a prominent segment of its sales.

CARE: Your set will ship with plate protectors: if you store your plates stacked and not displayed upright, we urge you to use the protectors. Aside from being fumble-fingered and dropping a plate, stacking is the most common source of damage to an old and lovely plate. In addition, please do not wash your plates in the dishwasher! The old metal glazing techniques were not made to withstand the high temperatures and water velocity found in modern appliances.

Shipping for this gorgeous vintage Arzberg Bavaria porcelain serving set is $30.00 to the 48 contiguous United States.