Antique Kutani Nippon Japanese Porcelain Coffee Dessert Trio Gold Brocade

Antique Kutani Nippon Japanese Porcelain Coffee Dessert Trio Gold Brocade
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This spectacular 100 year old Nippon coffee / dessert trio set was produced from wafer thin ivory porcelain and boasts an outer buttercream band embellished with beautifully intact hand painted gold enamel work. This remarkably preserved antique Japanese porcelain coffee / dessert trio set, service for four (4), comes with twelve (12) pieces, and includes:

Four (4) snack plates measuring 6-1/2" in diameter,

Four (4) saucers with bowled rims measuring 6" in diameter, and

Four (4) cups 2-1/2" in height, with 3-3/4" diameter bowls.

The porcelain in this antique Nippon set is so thin and so fine that there is no need to hold the coffee cup up to the light -- you only need to cradle an empty cup in your hands to see your fingers through the translucent porcelain. We believe that the back stamp is that of the Maruki symbol of hand-painted Nippon dating from 1912, which, stylistically, is slightly different from the later Kutani Nippon spoke and wheel mark. For further information, see Van Patten's Collector's Encyclopedia of Nippon Porcelain, mark 180.

This lovely antique Nippon porcelain coffee / dessert trio, set of four (4), is in near mint condition, with no chips, nicks, cracks or discoloration in the porcelain, and with almost perfectly preserved gold enamel work. Please examine our photos as they are part of the description and provide an excellent indication of condition. Unlike gold enamel Nippon items featured by other vendors, you will not find significant signs of wear on our items -- in fact, this set looks almost new. Please note how beautifully our antique coffee / dessert trio set combines with our elegant RC Nippon chocolate pot to complete a 'found' set, or how elegantly the Japanese trio set combines with our gold Pickard Turkish inspired coffee pot.

BRIEF HISTORY: The word "Kutani" means "Nine Valleys," and refers to a location and a village in Japan, which has been producing porcelain since approximately 1655. The Kutani Shoza style of the late 19th and early 20th centuries featured bright enamels and gold brocade-like painting on porcelain. This is the style of Kutani porcelain that was generally exported to the West.