Hutschenreuther Selb Bavaria Uno Favorite Large Vintage Porcelain China Decorated Lidded Dresser Jar

Hutschenreuther Selb Bavaria Uno Favorite Large Vintage Porcelain China Decorated Lidded Dresser Jar
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An impressive piece, this unusually large - 8" wide and 5" tall - vintage porcelain lidded dresser jar is a beauty to behold! Weighing over 4lbs, both pieces of this substantial vintage porcelain trinket box were decorated by an artist who skillfully captured the essence of a rose garden. Colorful pink and red roses are attached to thorny, green leafy vines, and were created in the naturalistic floral art style that was prevalent at the turn of the century. These blooms are set against muted hues of pastel blues, peaches, and yellows which the artist created to resemble a sky tinged with the first blush of dawn. A generously applied band of gold paint was applied to the rim of the bottom of the vintage porcelain lidded dresser jar, while almost a full 1" wide band was applied to the rim of the lid. This gold band flows and curves onto the top of the lid, with curlicues, dots, and a large, interesting basket weave embellishment reaching into the porcelain sky. In excellent condition, this amazing vintage porcelain trinket box has no damage. There are no cracks or chips on the edge of the lid nor the lid seat, and very little loss - if any - to the gold paint.

Our gorgeous, one-of-a-kind, large vintage porcelain trinket jar with lid is marked UNO "Favorite" BAVARIA in green under glaze. This was a special mark used by C. Hutschenreuther, of Selb, Bavaria, Germany for export to the US market. The US importer of these wares was the Burley & Tyrell Co of Chicago, IL. Not all porcelain manufacturers marked their wares for export like Hutschenreuther did. In some instances the importer and the decorator would also sign the porcelain.

In addition to importing, Burley & Tyrell distributed porcelain wares, and from 1885 to 1931, was heavily involved in china painting. Early on, Burley & Tyrell imported German & Bohemian porcelain. They later imported Minton and even provided blank porcelain wares to Pickard. Besides supplying china to at least six railroads, Burley & Tyrell distributed to Haviland and John Maddock (England). They sold their business to Albert Pic & Co in 1919, finalizing the sale in 1923.