Antique RS Prussia Strawberry Mold Bowl Bas Relief Flowers and Berries

Antique RS Prussia Strawberry Mold Bowl Bas Relief Flowers and Berries
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We have an exquisite antique RS Prussia bowl produced in the strawberry mold to show you! In our opinion the RS Prussia strawberry mold is one of their lovelier forms, with the elegant curves and swags at the rim that are so characteristic of RS Prussia. In bas relief inside the vintage porcelain bowl, we find the flowers and fruit of the strawberry plant! The artist who decorated this gorgeous antique RS Prussia bowl remained consistent with the theme, painting and transfering the delicate white flowers and leaves of the strawberry plant, while in the matte green depths of the bowl we see the as yet unripened berries. The gilding around both the rim of this antique porcelain bowl, and on the strawberry seeds adds an elegant finish to this lovely RS Prussia piece. Please examine these pictures carefully, for they show a couple of small glaze pops and paint flecks that are far more noticeable in the photograph than in person. This exquisite antique RS Prussia bowl at its widest point on the rim measures 9-1/2" in diameter, and is approximately 2 1/2" deep. We are confident you will agree that this elegant, beautifully decorated, antique RS Prussia strawberry mold bowl is a treasure!