Antique Porcelain Basket Count Thun Vienna Austria Blue Floral Motif Gilt Handle

Antique Porcelain Basket Count Thun Vienna Austria Blue Floral Motif Gilt Handle
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Product Description And Additional Pictures

We are offering a lovely antique porcelain basket measuring 5-1/2" by 3-1/4" at the rim, and 5-1/4" in height from the base to the top of the basket handle. The handle and the rim are gilded, and the interior of the antique porcelain basket is painted with a white lustre finish. The exterior of the antique porcelain basket is extremely charming, with a peach background covering the lower two-thirds of the body, and a light blue band running along the top third of the basket's body. Over this lovely background is a transfer design of blue forget-me-not posies at all four sides. Leaves, flowers and stems connect the posies all the way around the antique porcelain Count Thun basket.

The backstamp on this lovely antique porcelain basket is a double shield and crown mark with the words 'Vienna' and 'Austria'. This backstamp was used over time by at least four importers - PH Leonard, Bawo & Dotter, Charles Dwenger, and Paul A. Straub & Co - apparently all for a Count Thun factory line of Viennese china that was supposed to be reminiscent of the porcelain produced by the former Imperial and Royal Porcelain Factory in Vienna. Our best information tells us that PH Leonard was the first to use the mark, and then Bawo & Dotter after Leonard went out of business in 1898. The hallmark was then used by Dwenger, and then by Straub sometime after 1915. We believe that the date of manufacture of this lovely little basket is sometime between 1898 to 1915 - 1920.

This antique porcelain Count Thun basket is in excellent condition, with nothing more than a few glaze pops to disclose. There are no nicks, chips, cracks or other blemishes that would detract from the beauty of this antique porcelain basket.