Elaborately Decorated Victorian Tin Portrait Plate Of Beautiful Woman

Elaborately Decorated Victorian Tin Portrait Plate Of Beautiful Woman
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Tin has long been an acceptable medium for painting and portraiture, and during certain time periods was used as often as canvas or board. Tin was the primary medium for signs and advertisements. Unlike porcelain or pottery, however, images could be scratched off of a tin surface. They could be also easily bent, with many quickly finding their way into the refuse pile. Tin plates with handsome designs decorated Victorian parlors for a fraction of the cost of real porcelain.

We have an excellent example of a late Victorian or early Georgian tin plate decorated with unusual finesse -- the beauty of the female subject certainly helps! We have seen a number of other tin portrait plates, but none have been in as good condition nor as attractive as ours. We photographed this plate from a variety of angles so that you could see that the surface of the picture is not perfect -- it is riddled with crackelure and superficial scratches, none of which are deep enough to remove the paint and expose the tin beneath. You will see the superficial marks in a number of our photographs, but you will also undoubtedly notice the beauty of the lass and the handsome border that frames her!